Maybe It Was Magic

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Text z alba I Stand Alone (1987) - Agnetha

Maybe It Was Magic

(P. Brown / P. Hurley)
There were good times
I still remember when I made you smile
When life was easy
We'd coexist in a comfortable style

And there were feelings
I was inclined to believe they would never fade
It's so funny
How things don't always work that way

There was something in the air
Maybe it was magic
And there was something in your voice
When you used to call my name
And there are moments in my life
That I can still remember
And there are places in my heart
That I cannot forget

And there was music
We danced in the sunlight and glittered like gold
Life was free then
With time on our side we would never grow old

And there were feelings
Burning with fire in the heat of a summer night
And there were sweet dreams
When once upon a time was just right