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Text z alba Arrival (1976)


(B. Andersson / B. Ulvaeus)
The city is a jungle
you better take care
never walk alone after midnight
If you don’t believe it
you better beware of me

I am behind you
I always find you
I am the tiger
People who fear me
never go near me
I am the tiger

The city is a nightmare
a horrible dream
some of us will dream it forever
Look around the corner
and try not to scream, it’s me

I am behind you…
Yellow eyes
are glowing like the neon lights
Yellow eyes -
the spotlights of the city nights

I am behind you…
The city is a prison
you never escape -
you’re forever trapped in the alleys
Look into the shadows
and you’ll see the shape of me

I am behind you…
Yellow eyes…

I am behind you…

And if I meet you
what if I eat you?
I am the tiger
I am behind you
I’ll always find you
I am the tiger, tiger, tiger!