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04.09.2021: ABBA Voyage
09.03.2015: The Complete Recording Sessions podruhé

První sbírka na nové vydání legendární knihy The Complete Recording Sessions byla bohužel neúspěšná. Autor nyní zahájil druhý (a poslední) pokus. Přispět tentokrát můžete za trochu pozměněných podmínek zde. Pokud bude kampaň neúspěšná, kniha pravděpodobně v dohledné době nevyjde. Kdo tedy můžete, pomozte, prosím, tento projekt zrealizovat. Stojí za to!

28.01.2015: Sbírka na The Complete Recording Sessions

Dnes začala sbírka na aktualizovanou verzi legendární knihy The Complete Recording Sessions. Přispět můžete zde. Za příspěvek v minimální výši 750 SEK máte knihu a doručení po Evropě zdarma. Vítán je samozřejmě i jakýkoliv nižší příspěvek.
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"It´s only pop but we like it !"

Hudba a texty


Vydáno dne 00. 00. 0000 (2001 přečtení)
Text z muzikálu Chess (1984)


(B. Andersson / T. Rice / B. Ulvaeus)

The Arena. The final game in the final match. As the players take up their positions the CHOIR sing the names of previous world champions:
Morphy, Anderson, Steinitz, Lasker,
Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe, Botvinnik,
Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian, Spassky, Fischer, Karpov


How straightforward the game
When one has trust in one's player
And how great the relief
Working for one who believes in
Loyalty, heritage, true to his kind come what may


Though it gives me no joy
Adding to your satisfaction
You can safely assume
Your late unlamented employee
Knows if he wins then the only thing won is the chess


It's the weak who accept
Tawdry untruths about freedom
Prostituting themselves
Chasing a spurious starlight
Trinkets in airports sufficient to lead them astray


Does the player exist
In any human endeavor
Who's been known to resist
Sirens of fame and possessions?
They will destroy you, not rivals, not age, not success


They all think they see a man
Who doesn't know
Which move to make
Which way to go
Whose private life
Caused his decline
Wrecked his grand design

Some are vicious, some are fools
And others blind
To see in me one of their kind.

Anyone can be
A husband, lover
Sooner them than me
When they discover
Their domestic bliss is
Shelter for their failing

Nothing could be worse
Then self-denial
Having to rehearse
The endless trial
Of a partner's rather sad
Demands prevailing


As you watch yourself caring
About a minor sporting triumph, sharing
Your win with esoterics
Paranoids, hysterics
Who don't pay any attention to
What goes on around them
They leave the ones they love the way they found them
A normal person must
Dismiss you with disgust
And weep for those who trusted you


Nothing you have said
Is revelation
Take my blues as read
My consolation -
Finding out at last my one true obligation
(The crowd cheer)


Listen to them shout
They saw you do it
In their minds no doubt
That you've been through it
Suffered for your art but
In the end a winner

Who could not be stirred?
Such dedication
We have never heard
Such an ovation
Skill and guts a model
For the young beginner

They're completely enchanted
But they don't take your qualities for granted
It isn't very often
That the critics soften
Nonetheless you've won their hearts
How can we begin to
Appreciate the work that you've put into
Your calling through the years
The blood, the sweat and tears,
The late late nights, the early starts

There they go again!
Your deeds inflame them
Drive them wild, but then
Who wants to tame them?
If they want a part of you
Who'd really blame them?
(The crowd cheer louder still)


And so you're letting me know -


For you're the only who's never
suffered anything at all


How you've hated my success -


Well I won't crawl -
And you can slink back to your pawns
and to your tarts


And every poisoned word shows that
you never understood




Nothing you have said
Is revelation
Take my blues as read
My consolation -


Finding out that I'm my only obligation


Is there no one in my life
Who does not claim
The right to steal
My work, my name
My success, my fame
And my freedom?

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